Psychological tests

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Psychological tests

Skills Assessment Activity


               It is well known that psychological tests are an important part of knowing how psychology and psychologists function in the real world. This essay paper comes up with answers to these questions: What are the major features of psychological tests? How are reliability and validity determined in legitimate psychological tests? This has been presented in a proper manner, which brings the necessary information to any person towards carrying out successful psychological tests through which the legitimacy and validity of the tests can be determined. This has been discussed in a proper manner with all the relevant points argued in an intelligent manner.

Skills Assessment Activity: Psychological Tests

            Skills are very essential and would be better tested towards the understanding and realization of an individual’s ability and possibilities towards certain achievements. One of the commonly applied skills assessment activity is known as psychological tests. It is well known that psychological tests are an important part of knowing how psychology and psychologists function in the real world. Psychological tests have a number of outstanding features. To begin with, these tests will tend to integrate the past, the present, and try to merge it with the future. It will also involve critical thinking; they will also involve the integration of theories, and personal assessment (Exner & Erdberg, 2005). They also tend to be demanding and consume time before accomplishment. Such tests also come with an objective and subjective elements, which have to be put into constant consideration. Another important element and feature with these psychological tests is that they have to be governed in the manner in which they are to be done. There will also be the intensive application of statistical attributes in order to be able to come up with better test results.

            Another important issue with psychological testing and skills assessment activities is to have reliability and validity determined in legitimate psychological tests. In order to determine the two during these tests, it would be appropriate that there is test-retest procedure method, which shall estimate the reliability of the given test. This means that administration of a test might be done twice. This means that there will be two sets or more sets of scores during the analysis (Exner & Erdberg, 2005). There is also the need to apply alternative forms, which brings about issues of correlation. In order to have a reliable and valid or legitimate tests, standardization test will be necessary and should be done in an intelligent manner. This means that the more legitimate a given test is the better and the more important will be the decisions arrived at. Therefore, to ensure there is maximum legitimacy and validity, it is necessary that a proper extent for test measurements be done. As well, Constructs can be effectively used in determination of such validities.


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