New York City Transit

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New York City Transit


This is a paper whose objective is in ensuring that the overall knowledge of communication theory and its application to a particular industry, in which the industry of discussion here is New York City Transit. Having been working on internship in the industrial player, I was able to observe some of the major functions of the organization in terms of business operations and communication modalities. The paper hence discusses the communication theory and application and how it has been employed in New York City Transit thus guaranteeing it its present status and achievement of goals. This paper appraises the adoption of communication theory at New York City Transit.


            The knowledge of communication theory is something very important which has to be adopted for any given business organization or industry. There have been models which have been relevant with the New York City Transit, and which are worth mentioning and discussing. The major elements and points of observation within this company in terms of communication theory for the few months I have been here include the manner in which information is handled within the business, how people engage in communication and exchange of views and ideas (Dainton & Zelley 12). The nature of information channeling is also worth discussing and how different individuals are obliged to different actions in the New York Transit company. The mechanistic and psychological impacts of communication will also be analyzed and described, and the manner in which there is consultation and interaction between the top management of the company and the people below them. In any given company or organization, management and communication is something very necessary since it guarantees the necessary realization of the business goals and objectives.

The central focus in such a business environment has to be on the aspects of work within the organization. With very many issues, which revolve around the workplace in a given organization, there has to be ways through which such issues have to be addressed (Littlejohn & Foss 17). Other important elemental factors within the business organization include the mentoring of individuals and coming up with effective measures in which different operations such as decision making will be done in the organization. There should be organic or mechanic performance in which employees are assigned different duties and obligations within the business organization. In this paper, I shall give a discussion of the major elements, which I have noted to be of great significant in the New York City Transit where I have been on intern as a Graphic Designer.

New York City Transit: Application of Communication Theory

            I had been working at New York City Transit in internship in which I had been a Graphic Designer. During the time, I was able to observe to do with the nature of business and the manner in which communication has been done within the business organization. Communication is something which is very relevant and important for any given business organization like New York City Transit. For this short time period I was in this company, I noted that there had been a better application of communication theories, which have been able to lead the organization into realizing its goals and objectives within the stated time. To begin with, one of the major things, which have always been thought-out here, is in the manner in which information is relayed across from the top most management to the people within the lower functioning and performance of the industry (Dainton & Zelley 31).

           From knowledge and business understanding, any business communication comes up with theories which have to be goals-oriented. This defines the difference between business communication and any other form of communication is that, with business modes of communications, goals have to be the main issue, and hence the work in New York City Transit have been done in ensuring that the goals of the company are realized in the long run. In that case, levels of communications and models have been adopted which ensure that all employees and participants in the industry have been doing the right thing for the best performance which promotes the realization of the greatest profits for the company (Littlejohn & Foss 23). The other important thing is in the way information is passed across within the organization as a major tool for proper business operations. For the short time I have been working in the company, I have been able to learn and scrutinize this kind of operation. In New York City Transit, information is passed across through mechanized systems and models, which ensure that the right recipients have the information. This has seen the company employing individuals whose role is in promoting communication structures in the business. Employees have thus been able to benefit from proper communication theory and adoption thus having all kinds of problems addressed within the shortest time possible (Littlejohn & Foss 41).

            The other important element, which I have been able to note in New York City Transit for the few days I have been on internship, is that the organization has been encouraging a proper communication which has the ability of giving incentives to the expectations. Such expectations have been made the target for all people within the business. To achieve this, there has been the coming up with specific goals for the communication in which all people have to be reliant on. All managers and employees in the organization have all aimed at ensuring that the specific business goals are realized within the stipulated period. Time wastage has not been tolerated in the communication theory and its adoption for the organization. In order to have proper business performances and realize the business goals, there should be positive mentoring which can make things happen in the organization (Reijswoud 55). Mentoring has always been encouraged within the communication systems and operations in the business of New York City Transit.

            Cohesion in a business like New York City Transit has been something very important. With a number of team works, which have been encouraged in the business practice, there has been the continued need of having effective operations, which promote communication between such groups. This has been a major approach in the company, which has been noted to have better results in the end. The main trick behind team work in the organization, as I have been able to see for the few days, is that there has to be a diverse and dynamic means through which communication is done (Reijswoud 59). The adoption of technology has led to proliferation of the information being passed across hence improving performance within the business of the company. A number of communication models in the company, which have been incorporated, include the use of e-mails among individuals in the business functions, use of electronic notice boards, newsletters, physical notice boards and videoconferencing. All these have been appraised in New York City Transit hence improving its functions.

From the above understanding, the kind of information, which is being passed across, has been the major determinant to the kind of approach that will be adopted into the passage of the very information (Littlejohn & Foss 76). The type and nature of the channel of communication being adopted within the company has been able appropriately to convey the very message, which has to be passed across to specific individuals. While this has been done perfectly in this business, it has been shown beyond doubts that employee confidence has been on the rise thus improving the performance greatly. With very many models and means of passing information being applied in the business, more people have been encouraged into the business. There has as well been the improvement of service delivery to clients and associates, something that has been playing a very dynamic role to the development of this industry (Reijswoud 63).

In order to have better performance at New York City Transit, there has been the adoption of different mechanisms and means of communication, which have the capability of improving business performance and realization of organizational goals. The most effective approach, which has been adopted, is known as the Multi-Channel Means of Communication, which is significant in terms of business communication theories. With a very big industrial player like New York City Transit, the adoption of multi-channel means of communication is very relevant as a way of effecting the flow and range in which information is managed. Information and technological communications has been done properly through use of networking thus facilitating communication in the business, and in the end being able to achieve business goals (Littlejohn & Foss 84). Team briefings were very common at New York City Transit, and hence enabling the team leaders as well as all the managers within the organization to effectively communicate and at the same time carry out consultation with all members of the staff. Such team briefings had been done frequently in ensuring that all relevant issues in the business organization were being addressed immediately and appropriately. Formal meeting were also held frequently in order to make sure that the formal information was passed across accordingly in improving the functioning of the business (Littlejohn & Foss 68).

The other important thing with New York City Transit had been in the leadership and human resource communication models. Within a business, the function of human resource is very necessary since it guarantees positive performance whatsoever. At the company, there has been the effective adoption of qualified human resource personnel who have been playing a great role in ensuring that all operations and employees’ involvement is achieved for the benefits of the industry (Littlejohn & Foss 84). There has also been the mentoring of all stakeholders so that they get involved in productive business for the benefit of the company. The elements of communication theory, and especially for a business, have been competently incorporated thus making it very possible to achieve positive outputs from the business. Positive modalities for decision-making have been incorporated which have been leading to realization of employee comfort. Business experts and entrepreneurs do believe that, in order to have the greatest gains in any given Business Company and organization, the first trick is in addressing the issues and well-beings of all the employees within the organization. This appears to have been vividly understood in New York City and the reason it has been able to achieve positive results with its business (Reijswoud 98).

With proper adoption of communication theory and similar structures, the New York City Transit has been able to emerge on top of its business. This has come because of the fact that all the participants of the organizations have been encouraging proper communication and goal-oriented decision-making operations, which have been the main factor behind business performance. From my keen observations while I was at New York City Transit, I was able to learn the important of effective business communication and realization of goals. This has to be done by engaging all people in a similar mission, which eventually sees all people having similar intentions for the organization (Littlejohn & Foss 87). This hence promotes functioning, hence an eventual realization of the greatest profits from the business or organization. This kind of approach at New York City Transit has led to its success story.


            From the position of an insider in internship, I was able to come up with a keen observation on the business of the company on how communication and management operations were being coordinated in New York City Transit. This gave me the idea of understanding why company has been able to emerge on top of its business. Classical models within the elements and functions of communication theory had been applied in the company thus making it possible for it to be able to achieve the greatest results and missions. Such kind of approach starts by addressing the bottom employee whose contribution is very significant for any given business operations (Dainton & Zelley 60). Once the employee and other stakeholders have been given the necessary peace of mind and well-being, the next thing is engagement in fruitful operations, which promote the realization of goals. As I have been able to note in this kind of research, the operations and adoptions at New York City Transit are important and vital revelations, which prove on the importance of communication theory and effective adoption in the business.

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