Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch


With many problems faced by human beings in different parts of the world, there has been the need to have non-profit organization with topmost agendas in helping solving most of the faced problems by man in general and even the environment. The aim of all non-profit agencies had always been in alleviating conditions and giving solutions to problems faced within the international society. In order to be able to achieve a great performance, there had been the need for such agencies to integrate adequate measures and mechanisms, which have the capability of conducting researches and ensuring that there has been realization of solutions on the faced problems (Ritzer 12). With different organizations involved in ensuring global stability, there have been a number of agencies, which are advocating for human rights and related issues in order to have the needs of human beings addressed. This paper effectively applies theories, researches and methodologies on Human Rights Watch, HRW, which is a nonprofit agency, which has been pursuing human rights in different parts of the world.

Appropriate Discussions on Human Rights Watch

            This reputable organization is significant in the world. This has been a very useful agency hence creating the need to choose the organization due to how it has been applying researches in pursuit for its goals and objectives. I did choose this organization because its role is very outstanding for the entire world. With many people whose rights have been compromised, it has been necessary to get an insight on the functions of the agency, see how more people can be provided with the best of security, and redress on their basic human rights (Human Rights Watch 1). In order to have proper performance, this agency has been engaged in addressing arms, business affairs, fostering children rights, people having specific rights, health issues, and international human justice, countering terrorism and ensuring the freedom of the press and women rights as well. Looking at this kind of engagement, it has to be noted that the agency has been engaged in providing and fostering human rights for almost all populations in all parts of the world. In that case, Human Rights Watch has been able to become a reputable agency, which addresses all populations in general. This has been the case due to the proliferation in which more and more people have been having their rights compromised and having their needs and requirements not being provided for by the society and government as well (Ritzer 24).

With a large population deserving the attention and concern of Human Rights Watch, there has been the appropriate need of coming up with better approaches and branches operating in all parts of the world as well as ensuring that much support has been provided with the nations which have been having insecurities and compromised human living conditions (Turner 9). In order to advocate for such target populations, such agency has been able to employ many players and employees whose role is in ensuring that all people have been given the necessary rights from governments and societies as well. Experts in health care, law and jurisdiction have always been employed in the agency’s practice in progression of its goals and missions in different parts of the world.

From most of the operations, which have been ongoing in the agency, it has been worth noting that appropriate interventions and success has been recorded all through. However, there has been the need of having more individuals employed in the practice in which researches and theoretical applications will be adopted and applied in order to ensure that the greatest performances have been gained in which human rights have been effectively safeguarded for all people in different parts of the globe (Ritzer 35). Such an approach will also integrate human activities whose role can be vital in making sure that no individuals whose rights will be compromised. In addition, engagement in areas, which have been facing the greatest challenges in human rights violations in the third world nations and nations at war, will be a very significant approach, which addresses the denied rights of the greatest majority in the world today. Such integration will be a very important solution in making sure that the best of services have been delivered by this agency (Turner 23). This way it will be able to offer the best of care to the people who really need it in different parts of the world.

Explanation Using Sociological Perspectives and Theories

            In order to have the best of human protection, the engagement and adoption of sociological theories is something necessary towards bringing common understanding within the society and bringing harmony. Through these perspectives, the Human Rights Watch has been embarking much on such theories in order to take care of all people in need of such rights and solutions to their societal problems (Turner 31). From social contract, there has been the need to have a universal understanding in which all people should be held accountable for their own actions and especially with all forms of actions, which appear to compromise the peace and well-being of others. Social constructionist is another important theory, which explains and gives knowledge on how social levels and rights have to be guaranteed in the society.

            In different societies, which have been faced with greatest occurrences of violated human rights, conflict has been able to develop. Sociological experts have been able to establish the causes of these conflicts through conflict sociological theory (Human Rights Watch 1). With the theory, it has been postulated that the major causes of these suffering and conflicts has been due to poverty and continued chances of inequality in which war and instability develop. Once these develop, the next occurrence is that the rights of people become compromised through the social, political and economic situations. This has been the major reason why such theories have been of great importance with Human Rights Watch agency in ensuring there is provision of the necessary rights for all. This has been a rightful approach, which ensures majority of people have been given the care, and attention, they deserve (Turner 37).    

Another important thing is in the manner in which researches have been done by the agency. There has been the adoption of observational situations in which all, the areas, which become compromised in the world, have to be noted and then be able to adopt appropriate theories to establish the reason behind human rights violations and then come up with interventions in alleviating the faced problems (Turner 41). Academic studies have always been conducted in order to come up with explanative mechanisms and legal adoptions through which all human rights can be adequately guaranteed. These kinds of studies and researches have been adequate in seeing the non-profit agency is able to achieve its ultimate goals and objectives.


Towards establishing this paper, I used secondary sources through researching in journals and scholarly articles in order to be able to understand the major implications and functions of the Human Rights Watch as a reputable international agency, which has been able to fight for human rights in different parts of the world (Human Rights Watch 1). All major international non-profit organizations such as Human Rights Watch among others have been able to adopt research methods and theoretical applications, which have the ability of promoting performance in order to make sure human beings in different parts of the world have been provided with their human rights adequately.

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