Holidays within Australia

Holidays within Australia

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Having fun can be at times limited, and this is because some of the places that are offered for such services may not be fulfilling at all; or at least the people may get lower than what they had expected. That is why for somebody to have full joy of what he or she has, it is always good to get the best out of fulfilling services. This best describes Centennial Parklands, a larger park in Australia, Sydney that offers low cost services of a serene environment and an environment that has all what it takes for joy. This is a place that best suit a young couple; however, the park is open, and that is why to some extent it may not provide the necessary privacy for such a young couple.

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Introduction to Centennial Parklands

A young couple would probably need a cool place, a place that is low in costs but captivating in equal measure and in Sydney, the best place that suits such characteristics is the Centennial Parklands. The park is a dedication by Sir Henry Parkes and meant to be a public open space and it was the venue for the inauguration in the year 1901. It is touted as one of the finest when it comes to fascination and it is mostly used for urban open spaces. It comprises of three major parks; that is, parks within a park and these are; the Moore Park, Centennial Park and the Queens Park. This place is not limited and a person who is taking his bride around some of the beautiful places in Sydney would surely find Centennial Parklands as the most suitable in addition to the low costs that are offered for the visitors. However, the place is mostly known to host schoolchildren who come touring the city. Therefore, it is possible that being open may mean that the young couple would not have much of the needed privacy and essentially, they may come to be the center of fascination from the school children if caught doing what could be regarded as utmost private.

Centennial Park

Atkinson (2010) agrees that the Centennial Parkland as a whole is a place to be for anyone who wants real fascination and true to it; all of the parks within the larger parkland are well put together. The Centennial Park as one of the parks in the larger parkland provides serene environment, and as a choice, the young couple would probably find this place most suitable. This place carries the advantage just like the larger parkland; and as it would be discussed, one of the best advantages that go with the place is that it is free in addition to being large and quite accommodating. Czerniak (2007) puts it that bringing in the benefit of being free is captivating and for a park, it means that the place is for everyone and mostly, if the place is well managed for a free park, it means that the place is well preserved for special occasions such as the weddings and honey moon.

Moore Park

This is a small suburb and adds good touch to the larger Centennial Parklands and this place has been used for a number of occasions that are commercial; and therefore, it has generated a lot of money. This spells that the place is well preserved and even though to some extent one may be required to pay to enter some places, there are some parts which are purely public and mostly in the fields. However, the couple may decide to be entertained, and in the Bent Street, there is the entertainment quarter that would serve them well or have the purpose fulfilled. The place has good transportation network, and this means that there would be little struggling when it comes to accessing major points that would be of interest to the young couple. Therefore while taking them; it would be essential to consider this place as one of the areas to take them. It is also touted as one of the best when it comes to the recreation purposes and honey mooning for the young couple would be one of the recreation activities for them.

The Queens Park

This is on the eastern suburb of the larger Sydney in the state of NSW, Australia and it is 6 km east of central business in Sydney. The place is serene; has a number of a house that are surrounding it; specifically on three sides and just as its name sounds, the place is best suited for good things and that is why it draws the name the Queen. The place has animals and birds, which contribute to the larger beauty of the place, and as Daly (2004) notes of the larger Centennial Parklands and Queens Park specifically, there are a number of good things such as horse riding.

The concept of Free Park and other benefits

As Daly (2004) indicates, the larger Centennial Parkland brings in a number of benefits to people who may wish to go touring Sydney, and other than Horse riding, the concept of free cost is much attractive. Other benefits that come with this park include abseiling, climbing, bungee jumping and canyoning. Llewellyn (2006) writes that the concept of free park or a park that little is demanded from the persons enjoying themselves has both advantages and the disadvantages, and some of the advantages are that one does not need to spend a lot for fun. However, the fact that the park is free makes it public and open to everyone, and therefore, it may not be very suitable for people who wish to have privacy; for example a young couple. Overall, the place is fantastic and that can bring all fulfilling advantages to the young couple that is just starting to live together. It is therefore recommended that in consideration with the low cost and the beautiful environment, the place serves right for them and they could just consider having their enjoyment time in the park or at least one of the parks that come under the larger Centennial Parklands.