George Washington

George Washington

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For one to remain iconic he or she must have done something exemplary and which would make people remember him forever. For a country such as United States of America, its icon is the kind of people who led or laid the ground for a kind of developed country that it is. One of the people who may be remembered in history forever is George Washington for becoming the first president in the land. However, his presidency is not the only thing to be remembered for as it came with a number of significances; for example, the proclamation of neutrality, the signing of the Jay Treaty with Britain in the year 1795 and the setting up of the Federal government.

George Washington

What was George Washington most significant accomplishment?

George Washington stands as an individual whose importance may run for years on end; and this is because he is the first of the American presidents to lead the country; and more importantly, he had principles that could be compared to none. Washington would forever remain as historic figure in the country and the whole world as a person who voluntarily stepped aside as the Commander in Chief in the year 1783 of the Continental Army. He has many histories attached as major achievements and during his first time in the office as the president of the United States of America, he joined the states together to establish the federal government. However, he made sure that the policy-making powers are not interfered with.

He is also remembered for not taking sides in the French revolution, which had made a major rift between England and France, and the wisdom was that if America were to take any side during that revolution, it would be seen as favoring one side while ignoring the issues that are raised by the other side. This paper looks at the achievements and the general significance that are attached to this person in the history of the United States of America and how this history is relevant up to the present. For example, even in the present day, the dollars carries the portrait of George Washington with the city Washington D.C named after him outlining how much everybody respects him. However, the most significant importance that is attached to this person is that he was the first president in the United States of America and has been the only president since time in memorial that made to attain a 100% votes.

President George Washington (1789-1797)

As noted above, the most importance that is attached to George Washington is the fact that he was the first president of the United States of America from the year 1789 to the year 1779. According to Cosson (2008), George Washington was to stand on the balcony of the Federal Hall in New York to take the oath as the first president of the United States of America, and that day marked a major revolution for the country. He was the only president in the history of the country to get a 100% electoral votes and in his two terms of service as the president of the United States of America, he was selfless and despite pressure, he refused to be in office for the third term. Collard (2009) adds that George Washington is to be remembered in history as the president who introduced the policy that the president could only serve for two terms. He adds that during his tenure in the office, the president served as the source of inspiration and hope to many people in the country.

Proclamation of Neutrality

According to Collard (2009), George Washington cannot be said to be the smartest man that has lived in the United States of America, but it is his swift decisions that were becoming popular with him. One of the most popular decision he made as the president of the United States of America is the proclamation of neutrality that he refused to let the United States of America be involved in the French revolution. This decision was a hallmark and it is quite often referred to in the present world as one, which made sure that the nation maintains the good ties that it has with its counterparts like England and France.

As noted in, the year 1793 remains historic when the president issued this proclamation of neutrality and this served based on avoiding any kind of international conflict or the conflict that would put the country into conflict with other foreign nations. Majorly, the French revolution pitied two nations namely England and France, and if the country were to side with any of these, it would have earned a bad reputation. This set the precedence, and perhaps up to the present day, the country clings to this policy of not engaging into a conflict until it is sure that there is high need for international intervention. That is why even in the present day, the image of this strong leader of United States of America remains iconic and the testimony is that the American dollar has his face in it and one of the cities in the country named after him and a monument erected in his honor.

The Establishment of the Federal Government

George Washington is remembered for his strong support of building the federal government with a strong belief that decentralization of power would help come up with good governance. Specifically, notes that during his first term as the president of United States of America, he helped join the states to help establish the federal government. However, in doing so, he made sure that he does not interfere with the working mechanism of the states or in the policy-making powers. He felt that the Congress is free to make its own decision and interfering in it would only jeopardize the governance of the country.

The Signing of the Jay Treaty (1795)

It was during the tenure of George Washington that the country was to become at peace with Britain, and even though there were no major rifts between the Britain and the United States of American, the signing of the Jay treaty was crucial to making long-lasting peace between the two countries. While writing on this Estes (2000) notes that this was a landmark kind of treaty which ensured that the United States of America was to become part and parcel of anything that is going on in the world and it was soon to become the most popular of all kinds of actions that had been taken by the country. It influences a lot on the thinking and the shaping of politics in the country. However, at first, it was a most unpopular treaty and attracted outrage on the part of the citizenry but as soon as it was ratified, the real benefits started to research, and it became apparent that it was one of the most popular decisions to be taken. According to The New York Times (Nov. 19, 2008), the signing of the Jay Treaty helped resolve a lot of issues that had been left pending over the revolutionary war.

A number of people have made history in the world when concentrating on United States of America by what they did in the past. The most remembered person is George Washington; and in general, he is remembered for being the first of the presidents of United States of America setting a good precedence. However, even though that was the most important thing to the world, there are a number of significances that are attached to this presidency; for example, the signing of the Jay Treaty in the year 1795 with the Britain, the setting up of the Federal government as a way of decentralization and the proclamation of Neutrality. He has made history of his own and that is why even in the present day, his name is remembered; for example, he may forever have his portrait remain as part of dollar, the Washington D.C city was named after him and a monument erected for his honor.