education as a social institution

The young people in every society are prepared for their adulthood by being taught societal values through education. Education helps to socialize and promote social integration in areas with diverse populations. The schools that children go through helps them know about the shared believes and values in the communities they originate from and where they are living. Many children in America attend schools which are public and far from being equal. The schools for the whites in suburban areas have modern facilities that are more compared to urban areas because status of the economy is a determinant on the quality of education every student receives. If the parents of the children are wealthier, they take them to private schools, which are expensive because they can afford to pay school fees.

Social institutions are very significant to every human being because they determine the behavior in a particular society. The government funds the schools so that they can be established and sustained in every society. Education in every society helps children to socialize and live together in harmony. Children spend many hours in school every day throughout the year where they attend classes, engage in extracurricular activities and do their assignments. The format of the school helps them to become productive in their future life. The most important responsibility of the school is to prepare the young generations to be responsible and work hard all the time. They are able to manage their time, be punctual and respect all the people in authority including their teachers and their future bosses. A civics class teaches students to become good citizens and home economics helps to manage a home. When students spend time with peers while at school, they learn how to socialize. During adolescence stage, children choose similar friends in terms of interests, race as well as social class in order to measure their self worth.

Children at school learn committing crime and the kind of punishment that follows through curriculum as well as practically. When they do wrong they are punished and this way education plays major role in controlling behavior and helping citizens to know deviant behavior and avoid it. Education helps to deter deviance as well as perpetuate it without knowing. Children with different behaviors are treated differently where troublemakers are punished so that they can change their behavior. If the child is stupid, she cannot pass well in the exams and many children may avoid interacting with him/her. There is a link between education and social stratification, where Americans believe that social equality is promoted by education. All people have opportunity to attend school, work hard and gain high marks. However, according to research, social inequality may be promoted by schools where women, lower classes as well as minorities are denied the opportunities to attend classes together with other people. This is due to discrimination based on race and gender. Students who belong to upper class perform better and continue with higher learning while students from lower classes do not succeed. The upper class students are motivated to work hard and know that they will have great future just like their parents. Lower class students cannot afford tuition fees thereby denying them opportunity to continue with education when they fail. Education as a social institution cannot be without any problem. Continued efforts should be made for the improvement of the system in order to benefit from education.

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