Bachelor Degree

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Why I have chosen to pursue a Bachelor Degree


            There can never be something more rewarding than the acquisition of education. When one has proper education, it becomes possible to achieve his own dreams and fulfillments of life and that is the reason why all people should be keen in ensuring that all children have been provided with quality education that will help them realize better goals in their future. In that case, this paper goes ahead to give views on why I have chosen to pursue a Bachelor Degree. In addition, I have analysed some of the reasons I feel that getting a Bachelor degree will give me some life fulfillment, and for anyone else as well.


            While the world continues to advance in terms of human development, it has been the high time when education has to be given the greatest priority because it is what guarantees the performance of oneself and the society in general. In that case, it should be necessary for one to realize that education is presently the best tool or asset that a parent can dedicate to a child. Education is the key to greater expectations and achievements (Dewey, 2005). With this kind of understanding, I have chosen to pursue my degree career in Bachelor of Arts, Criminal Justice. A degree is the higher level of education, which has the capability of opening new doors towards greater success and taking one to areas he or she has never imagined. This paper will give a discussion and points why I have chosen to pursue for a degree course.

Why I have chosen to pursue a Bachelor Degree

            As I have already said, the world has become very competitive and hence the only way one can be able to emerge the best is by having the appropriate tools that can help him or her achieve greater things he or she might not have achieved before. In that case, I have considered education to be a tool that promotes one to a higher level of understanding. It has been noted that, a comparison of individuals who have a bachelor degree and those who do not have tend to have varied developments, achievements and disparity in their way of thinking and reasoning. Therefore, it was necessary for me to take the rightful path that appeared more appealing to me and capable of taking me into greater places. While I have a greater dream of having a better life in comparison to the one of my parents, I have also been greatly impressed by criminal justice and that is the reason why I had always been dreaming of taking such a career. A free society is the one that has pure and fair justice, and such a society is the one that can develop effectively (Dewey, 2005). This kind of understanding has hence been motivating me towards this career and be able to play my sufficient role in making the society a bit better for human existence. This has become my goal, which I am anxiously waiting to achieve later in my course of life.

            On the other hand, a failure to have education might spell a disaster for me in the future days. For instance, we are living in a time and society that strongly believes that the rightful future lies in education, hence I could not ignore this notion, and I have found it extremely necessary to pursue a university degree and be able to become the best I can be in the coming days. Therefore, with great reasoning and meditation, I have resolved to pursue this degree and be able to achieve my dreams, which I have laid down towards my future days. From a number of observations, it has been noted that 78 percent of the Americans who were able to access university degree between 198s and 2000s have been living better lives compared to their American counterparts who never had access to this form of education. From such statistics, I believe that university education is a good option if one dreams of a better life. In addition, on average, 83 per cent of individuals who have bachelor’s degree have a better sense of life and living conditions, which have a direct connection with the education they have. This means that the acquisition of higher education can effectively help one to achieve his or her dreams and as well be able have proper understanding with the outside world (Dewey, 2005). All these issues and facts have hence made me resolve to take a bachelor’s degree.

How getting a Bachelor degree will give me some life fulfillment

            As I have mentioned above, it should be agreed that the acquisition of a bachelor’s degree can help in making one’s life more fulfilled and comfortable when compared with the ones who do not have. For instance, a study by Dewey (2005) showed that, on all individuals who had acquired higher-level education, 67 per cent had been able to have positive influences on their lives. On general, 23 per cent of individuals without bachelor’s degrees seemed to be the ones who can positively mentor themselves and achieve better performances. It should be agreed that there is a great correlation with proper education and some life fulfillment. In addition, similar studies have also been able to prove that, majority of the individuals who are living positively and having full control of their lives have been able to achieve a bachelors’ degree or an equivalent (Dewey, 2005).

            Another important thing is that, such a degree has the capability of seeing someone having a stand on the society and hence his or her opinion will always have a ground in the society. In that case, my decision of taking this course is worthwhile since I am deemed that I will be able to acquire greater achievements on my own. In addition, education opens doors towards acquisition of materials, property and money. This is true because if one lacks basic materials things it becomes hard for such a person to enjoy life to the fullest. I believe that if I pursue bachelor’s degree I would become enlightened and create for myself an avenue for acquiring basic needs and this would fulfill my life dreams.

            The acquisition of such form of education will also promote human-human interaction. For instance, the study by Pardeck (2006), proved that majority of the people having better education promote cohesion and understanding within the society as compared to their counterparts who have not such education. This means that education would open my level of approach to my fellow man thus making bonding easy and making it easy for me to solve and address any kind of problem that I might experience. While that is achieved, life becomes much easier for the society and hence improving fulfillment. In life, the peace of heart and mind, and material fulfillment are some of the major essentials which promote human life fulfillment and that is why education is necessary towards their realization. Once I have achieved my dreams, my job prospects will be in child protective services or parole, probation towards ensuring that justice is done, and other children have remained happy in their lives (Selby, 1998).


            In conclusion, I have made the decision to go ahead and take up this degree towards my dream career. I go forward having the strongest belief and understanding that my future days have to be brighter, and hence such brightness can only be realized through education. In addition, I strongly believe that education is any important element, which all people have to embrace and make sure all people have been equally provided with it to have all individuals being fulfilled by such education and being able to live better lives than the ones, they are living in currently (Pardeck, 2006). Therefore, education is the future weapon for all who yearn for it.


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